Tumblr: new stuff, experiments, etc.

  • From a shoot with the delightful Vera Juliette

  • I finally got to work with the wonderful Vera Juliette.

  • A little experiment in working with an extra “model.”

  • Sometimes my images look fairly straightforward, which belies the amount of complicated fiddling it often requires to get everything just so.  This one took a bit of dialing in, but now it’s one of my favoritest images. Looks better big, but I guess you’ll have to wait until the Louvre calls me about a show.   Thanks Mikki!

  • Still more from last year.  With model Mikki Marvelous

  • Another image from the vaults.  This time, Jesse from 2009.

  • Digging in the archives, looking for inspiration.  This, from 2010.