For over 10 years now, I have been trying to combine the techniques of chronophotography and fine art nude photography to produce art.  I guess the first thing to know is that all of my images are produced in-camera using a single, long exposure.  Originally I used film cameras, but since 2008 I have been mostly digital. 

    You can see some of my original inspiration by looking at the work of Edweard Muybridge, Etienne-Jules Marey, and Harold Edgerton.  I started small, by making my own strobe lights and then moveable camera platforms.  I've continued to develop these and now they are fairly complex and computer controlled. 

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 You can read more about how I developed the process here:


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     You can now buy prints online here at Daylighted.

     A small selection of my prints are still available for sale at the Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco.  Or you can direct inquiries to me: mark@pjreptilehouse.com

    My work has been featured in:

The Art of Tinkering book.

The Art of Photography Show, 2012

The Monochrome Awards, 2014.  Three honorable mentions.  Larissa, Wara, and Wara2

The Monochrome Awards, 2015.  Honorable mentions.  Jacs and Wenchi

Various images were featured in the Chinese edition of CAPA photography magazine, May 2015 issue. 

Various images were in a spread in Photographer's Companion (China), Aug. 2015

Various images featured in the book The Naked and the Lens, Second Edition